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AutoCAD 2018 student free download

AutoCAD is the software of design 2 D and 3 D most used by them designers. AutoCAD 2018 student free download is an extraordinarily powerful tool in drawing and detail and escape to faithfully reflect any plane in two or three dimensions. Free download AutoCAD software for drawing anything.

AutoCAD 2018 student free download

Although AutoCAD interface is simple and its Windows aspect makes it easy to handle, learn to use AutoCAD notessencillo; Many of them are necessary work paradomina all the functions it offers.
It allows drawing in a quick and relatively simple way, with perfect finish and without the disadvantages found in the drawing by hand. Work in the computer offers advantages as a precision sensibly greater, without loss of information. To make the plans and the more accessible information we can include different views, annotations, 2D plans, texts, colors, etc.

For what do you use it?

AutoCAD is used for the Technical Drawing subject. But nevertheless, being AutoCAD a professional design tool, there have to be account that the use of the program is quite limited, adapted to the capacities of the students and the needs of the subject. Of the wide variety of tools offered by the software, they use the most basic; being these the ones of lineal drawing and creation of figures geometric the purpose is to create simple figures and plans in 2 dimensions, So that the student learns both the practical drawing of technical drawings, as the management of computer resources available. So, the students become familiar with this type of program that will be very useful in many of the future occupations they may have.

System requirement

Owner: Autodesk
Version: 3.0
Platform: Windows
Description: Graphic design
Website: www.autocad.com
Language: English
Uses: Technical drawing
Equivalent in SL: QCad


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