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Change the light and color of a digital image

We want to insert the image of a classroom in the newspaper IES Cruz del Sur and give it a sepia effect. Change the light and color of a digital image from this article.

Change the light and color of a digital image

1. Open the “aula.jpg” image with the GIMP software.

2. You are going to give it a light effect: for this we select from the Effect menu the Lights and Shadows submenu and we choose Lens flare. Place the light bulb on the window.

3. Change the brightness and contrast; for it from the Colors menu select the Adjust brightness and contrast option and change the values as they appear.

4. It also changes the color parameters: select the Colors menu and choose Color, set the values that appear in the window.

5. From the Colors menu, also select Balance color, and adjust the parameters as it.

6. Finally, select the Scale option from the Image menu and change the size to have 300 pixels wide, you’ll see that the vertical resolution changes so that the image does not deform..

7. The result is the image.

Create a web bar for IES Cruz del Sur

1. Open GIMP and choose the Create option from the File menu. You have to select Webpage Themes, Pattern Beveled and Header.

2. Now, in the dialog box, type the text “IES Cruz del Sur », select the typeface Chalk and texture what you want, for example the plot of seawater. Tap OK to compose the header.

3. We already have our header, which can be stored as “header.png” or “header.gif” for inserts it in a web page.

4. Now let’s give it a dynamic effect. For it choose the Animation option from the Filters menu, select the Wave effect.

5. As you see, he has created a new image, which we can store as “cabecera_animada.gif”, following the steps that we have already seen in the case study 4.

6. If you want to see how it looks, select the Play option.

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