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Free Symantec endpoint protection 14 download full version

Malicious software has evolved in a way that is no longer massive attacks on a large scale, but also Free Symantec endpoint protection 14 download full version includes targeted attacks and constant advanced threats that no antivirus can only stop. It’s time to get more what antivirus protection. Symantec’s unique ability to provide intelligent security takes advantage of knowledge collective of the largest Global Intelligence Network (GIN) in the world, which collects data from millions of users and sensors Derived from GIN. The exceptional Insight ™ technology from Symantec ™ Endpoint Protection blocks threats mutants and allows faster analysis, because it analyzes the reputation of a file. Meanwhile, technology SONAR ™ stops zero-day threats by monitoring the behavior of the files in real time.

Free Symantec endpoint protection 14 download full version

Through a single powerful agent that integrates intelligent security technologies with a powerful antivirus and blocking policies, Free Symantec endpoint protection 14 download full version allows you to concentrate on the business without affecting security or performance.

Unrivaled security

Stops targeted attacks and persistent advanced threats with intelligent security capabilities and protection in layers that exceed the limits of the antivirus.

• Uses the largest Global Intelligence Network (GIN) in the world, made up of billions of sensors that they contribute data to our proactive protection technologies.

• Derived from GIN, the exclusive Insight ™ technology identifies the reputation of the file by analyzing key attributes of the file, such as the frequency with which it was downloaded, the time that it exists and where it was downloaded from. This information allows blocking more threats and offering resistance to new types of mutant malicious software.

• SONAR ™ technology, which also has GIN technology, monitors in real time the behavior of applications and stops targeted attacks and zero-day threats.

• The Network Threat Protection feature analyzes the incoming data streams that arrive at the user’s computer to through network connections and blocks threats before they attack the system.

• Symantec ™ Endpoint Protection detects and eliminates more threats than any other solution of its class1, and obtained repeatedly rated AAA, the highest rating given in the real-world antivirus tests performed by Dennis Labs.

Incredible performance

Performance so fast that users will not know what is running.

• Symantec Insight ™ technology included in Endpoint Protection eliminates up to 70% of the analysis overload in comparison with traditional solutions, since it accurately identifies the file’s reputation so that it only analyze the files that are in danger.

• Allows hardware to run faster and last longer by reducing the impact on the system.

• Reduce network load by flexible control of connections and bandwidth.

• Outperforms all products in its class in speed of analysis and total impact of performance2.

Smarter management

A single administration console for all physical and virtual platforms with granular control of policies.

• Offers intelligent security technologies and policy blocking functions in a single high-performance agent with a single administration console for Windows, Mac and Linux computers, and all virtual machines.

• Provide granular control of policies with the flexibility to customize policies according to users and their locations

• Supports client implementation and management remotely for Windows and Mac computers, which facilitates update of the remote endpoints.

• Extends traditional reporting by incorporating multidimensional analysis and functions effective graphical reporting in an easy-to-use information panel.

• The group updates provider reduces network overload and decreases the amount of time it takes to get updates, since it allows one client to send updates to another and, in that way, perform more efficient updates in remote locations.

5 layers of protection

Symantec ™ Endpoint Protection 14.1.5 provides 5 layers of protection: 1) network 2) file 3) reputation 4) behavior, and 5) repair.

1) Network: Symantec’s network threat protection includes Vantage technology, which analyzes incoming data and blocks the threats during the route through the network before they attack the system. A firewall is also included in standards and browser protection to provide protection against Web-based threats.

2) File: signature-based antivirus searches for and removes malicious software on systems to provide protection against viruses, worms, trojans, spyware, bots, unwanted advertising and, rootkits.

3) Reputation: Symantec’s unique Insight ™ technology correlates tens of billions of links between users, files and websites to quickly detect mutant threats. Through the analysis of key attributes of the file, Insight ™ can accurately identify if a file is good, assign a reputation score to each file and, thus, provide effective protection against targeted attacks and, at the same time, reduce up to 70% of the analysis overhead.

4) Behavior: SONAR ™ takes advantage of artificial intelligence to provide zero-day protection. It effectively stops the new and unknown threats by monitoring the behavior of approximately 1400 files while they are executed in real time to determine the level of danger they represent.

5) Repair: Power Eraser ™ intensively scans infected endpoints to locate advanced threats persistent and eliminate tenacious malicious software. Remote support allows administrators to activate the analysis of Power Eraser and repair the infection remotely from the Symantec ™ Endpoint Protection management console.

Extended policy control functions

In addition to basic protection technologies, Symantec ™ Endpoint Protection 14.1.5 provides granular control of policies, for example:

1) System blocking: improves the protection for critical systems of the company, since it only allows the execution of the applications that are included in the white list (known as good) or blocks the execution of applications that they are on the blacklist (known as harmful).

2) Control of applications and devices: helps to prevent internal and external security breaches through the supervision of the behavior of the applications and the control of the access to the archives, the access to the registry, the processes that can be executed and the information of the devices that can be written.

3) Host integrity control and policy application function: allows users to execute a script on their endpoints to verify and report policy compliance, quarantine the location and block the application P2P, and isolate a system that does not comply with the policies or that is infected.

4) Location recognition: automatically detects the location from which a system is connected, such as a hotel, an area with wireless coverage, a wireless network or a VPN, and adjusts security to offer the best protection for the environment.

Virtual optimization

Symantec ™ Endpoint Protection protects your high-density virtual environment while maintaining performance levels superior to those of agent less solutions, and provides full visibility of security.

1) Integration with VMware shield: allows a higher density of virtual machines and reduces I / O traffic and usage of the CPU

2) Exception of virtual images: places files in the white list from a standard image of the virtual machine for optimize the analysis

3) Resource leveling: performs randomization and analysis schedules to avoid spikes use of resources

4) Insight ™ shared cache: analyzes files once, shares results between clients and removes Duplicate data from file analysis to reduce bandwidth consumption and latency

5) Virtual Client Tagging: automatically detects and reports if the client is running in a virtual environment, which facilitates the establishment of different policies for virtual machines

6) Analysis of images without connection: Free Symantec endpoint protection 14 download full version looks for threats in images of virtual machines without connection.

7) Analysis regulation for virtualization: detects disk loading and reduces the analysis speed to avoid peaks of use.


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