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How can I update my internet browser

You can see how can I update my internet browser from here. Below you can find instructions to ensure the update of your browser according to the type of browser you wish to update. The following instructions come directly from the manufacturers of each type of browser.

How can I update my internet browser

Instructions for Chrome

How to get a Chrome update when it’s available

Normally, updates are made in the background, when you close and reopen your computer’s browser. But if you did not close your browser for a while, you may see a pending update.

1. On your computer, open Chrome.

2. In the top right, click More

3. If there is an update pending, the icon will have another color:

• Green: There is an update available two days ago.

• Orange: There is an update available four days ago.

• Red: There is an update available seven days ago.

To update Google Chrome:

1. On your computer, open Chrome.

2. In the top right, click More

3. Click on Update Google Chrome. If you do not see this button, you already have the most recent version.

4. Click on Restart.

The browser will keep the tabs and windows open, and will reopen them automatically when it is restarted. If you prefer not to restart it immediately, click Now. The update will be applied the next time you restart the browser.

Instructions for Opera

• Opera includes an automatic update mechanism.

• The automatic update dialog box appears after a recommended update has been released.

• The browser also checks for updates at regular intervals and displays this automatic updates dialog as a reminder when there are updates to be made. It includes information about the update, and helps you install it.

Instructions for Microsoft Edge

• This browser is compatible with TLS 1.2 by default, does not require updating.

Instructions for Firefox

By default, Firefox is set to update automatically, but you can change this preference whenever you want to update it manually. We explain how it is done.

• Click on the Menu button, then on Help and select About Firefox.

• The About Mozilla Firefox window will open and Firefox will start checking for updates and start downloading automatically.

• When the updates are ready to install, click Restart to update Firefox.

Important: If the update does not start, it is not completed or you have some other problem, use this download link or visit the systems and languages ​​directory to download and install the latest version of Firefox specific to your operating system and language.

Instructions for Safari

For Mac computers, the Safari internet browser is installed and updated as part of Mac OS, For PC; Safari updates are no longer available.

Safari for Mac

Safari is included with your Mac operating system.

Safari update

To keep Safari updated for the version of Mac

OS you are using, use the App Store to install the latest macOS updates.

The latest version of Mac OS includes the latest version of Safari. For some previous versions of Mac OS, Safari could also be available separately from the Updates tab in the App Store.

Reinstalling Safari

If you deleted Safari and do not have a backup of Time Machine or another backup, reinstall Mac OS to replace Safari in your Applications folder. The reinstallation of Mac OS no removes the data from your computer.

Before reinstalling, you may want to use Spotlight to search Safari on your Mac. If you find it, but it is no longer in your Dock, simply drag it to the Dock to add it again.

Safari for Windows

Apple no longer offers updates for Safari for Windows. Safari 5.1.7 for Windows was the latest version made for Windows, and is now outdated.

Instructions for Internet Explorer

How to obtain this update

Important: If you install a language pack after installing this update, you must reinstall this update. Therefore, it is recommended that you install any necessary language pack before performing the update. For more information, see Add language packs for Windows.

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