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How to create a poster with Inkscape 2019

How to create a poster with Inkscape 2019 step by step guide? Create a poster for the «Development Competition of Games for Mobile Devices »of IES Cruz del Sur. We give you step by step guide for creating a poster simply.

How to create a poster with Inkscape 2019

1. Open Inkscape, and from the File menu choose New and the A4 format.

2. With the text tool write the text of the poster with the Heavy Data typeface and size 72.

3. Add a new layer and call it “Journey”. Draw a spiral with the tool Draw spirals.

4. Select the text and the spiral together, pressing the key Shift while selecting it.

5. Select the Text menu and choose Put in Path. The text should conform to the spiral.

6. Place the text where you want and hide the layer «Journey»

7. Add a new layer called “Mobile”, block the “Journey” layer.

8. Draw a rectangle on the “Mobile” layer and adjust its color and stroke, as well as the angulations of the corners. To do this you must click on the image until you gets the menu corresponding and you can adjust the Rx value of rounded corners.

9. Draw another rectangle inside that simulates the screen.

10. Give a stroke color and style.

11. Draw, without rounded angle, a small square that simulates a key, as indicated in.

12. Select the key drawn and in the Edit menu choose the Clone option. Choose Clone as a til. If you choose the size 500 x 200 for that you fill it cloned, you will have in a moment the keyboard drawn.

13. Bring the layer in which the text is to the front using the Layers menu and place the text centered on the screen.

14. Finally, from the File menu, select Import and choose the file «Logo.png».

15. Place it on top of the mobile screen, adjust it and change its opacity to that is transparent, as if it were wallpaper.


12. Design a poster for the «Contest of stories of IES Cruz’s science fiction of the South »and put the text in “Journey”.

13. Add stars and objects planetariums to the poster of competition; use the tool

Clone to generate mosaics and choose the combination that most like.

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