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How to create a presentation with PowerPoint

What is PowerPoint?

PowerPoint is the most useful tool used worldwide for the making presentations in Slideway, combining images, text, music or animations. How to create a presentation with PowerPoint 2019 from our site? We give you step by step instructions for learning presentation with Microsoft PowerPoint.

How to create a presentation with PowerPoint

Didactic utility of the presentations

– They allow us to communicate information and ideas in an organized and attractive way.

– They constitute an essential support of the oral presentations, both from teachers as of students.

– They allow combining textual elements and audiovisuals to illustrate and reinforce our explanations

– They attract the attention of our audience and increase your motivation

Didactic uses of the presentations

– Expose to colleagues a work done in Classroom.

– Collect the work done throughout the course school.

– Introduce a topic.

– Explain an activity with text and illustrations.

– Create stories with illustrations.

– Create a tutorial about some tool.

– Make an interactive questionnaire.

– Create a travel diary, with text, photographs and videos, of an excursion made during the course.

Create a presentation with PowerPoint (Options)

There are several options:

– Use any of the templates default shown just enters the program.

– Create a presentation with our own style from a blank document.

– Start from scratch and choose some of the existing topics in the tab Design.

Create a presentation with PowerPoint (First slide – configuration)

We create a presentation from a document in White:

– We assign the first slide to enter data as title, author, description…

– We give you a personal background in the Design tab> Background format.

– Once the background is determined (type of filling, color …) click on Apply to everything, so that from now on all the slides use it.

Create a presentation with PowerPoint (Add new slide)

We add a new slide:

– We click on Start> New slide.

– Several formats are presented, although we can

Choose to insert a blank slide to design it ourselves.

– We can paste text from another document directly, without the need for enter text box, using the Ctrl keys

+ C (Copy) and Ctrl + V (Paste).

Create a presentation with PowerPoint (Add new slide)

– Click on Insert> Text box, we move the pointer to the slide and, Without letting go, we draw a picture with the desired dimensions, we can vary moving with the mouse the points of selection of the ends.

– To set the text (size, color and typography), we previously selected it and, on the ribbon or in the window emergent that appears, we select the Timely commands: font, size, color, bold, italic…

Create a presentation with PowerPoint (Insert multimedia materials)

In addition to text, we can include multimedia materials in the Insert tab, choosing the desired option:

● Images of our team or the Web

● Screenshots

● Forms

● Graphics

● Videos

● Sounds

● Recordings of our screen computer

Create a presentation with PowerPoint (Insert image)

To incorporate an image we proceed as follows:

● We click on Insert, we locate the image in one of the folders Our team, double click or button Open, and we place it in the place wanted.

● When selecting the image and press on the Right mouse button activates the contextual menu that will allow us modify its position, size, format, style…

Create a presentation with PowerPoint (Insert video)

PowerPoint 2016 allows us insert a video in two ways different:

● From our team: there will be inserted in the presentation.

● From YouTube or another website: the video will be displayed on the presentation only if we have Internet connection on the computer in which it is reproduced.

Create a presentation with PowerPoint (Insert sound)

We can add music from background to our presentation inserting an audio, effects of sound or voice recordings.

We click on Insert> Audio, and we choose between “Audio on my PC “(I select the file of my team’s sound) or “Record audio” (record directly sound on the presentation).

Create a presentation with PowerPoint (Insert notes)

We can also add notes to the slides (the calls “Speaker’s notes”) that we will serve as support in our presentation. We click on the Notes icon from the bottom bar of the screen and we wrote the text that want to visualize them, we activate the View Page of notes.

Create a presentation with PowerPoint (Transitions)

PowerPoint 2106 presents different ways to pass the slides:

– Manually, by clicking with the mouse.

– Automatically: click on the tab Transitions> after, and we set the value in seconds (for example: 00: 06.00 indicates 6 seconds)… To make it extend to all the slides, we click on Apply to everything. We can also set a duration time different on a slide isolated.

Add transitions to the different slides can add attractiveness to a presentation, but you can also incorporate unnecessary noise that distracts of its content.

– It is not advisable if we go to share our presentation in Internet. The only recommended would be “Dispel”.

Create a presentation with PowerPoint (Save)

In the file menu we choose “Save as”. It will be saved in the format: PPTX, Which only you can open with the PowerPoint versions 2007/2016. To be fit with all versions we use “Presentation of PowerPoint 97-2003 (*. ppt) “.

Another option is to save it using the format: PPSX or PPS, which when executing starts immediately the reproduction. For that in Type select the option: “Presentation with PowerPoint slides (* .ppsx) “.

Create a presentation with PowerPoint (Save as video)

So that our presentation reaches more people, we can turn it into a video and upload it to YouTube:

– After using the method “Save as “, in Type we select the Option: “Windows Media Video (*. wmv) “.

– We hope that the creation of the file, and upload the video to our YouTube account.

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