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How to create an animated GIF

You are going to create an animated GIF with a series of images of a very restless puppy from four images already created. You can see how to create an animated GIF file from here.

How to create an animated GIF

1. Start the GIMP tool, and from the New option from the File menu creates a new format file horizontal, with 300 x 300 resolution and transparency background.

2. Now select the Open by layers option, also from the File menu, and select the file «puppy1.gif».

3. Show the layers dialog box, which is found in the Windows menu.

4. The layers are modifiable: for example, they can be scaled so that they adapt to the background image. For it click on the layer and press the secondary button, select Scale layer to the image.

5. Add the rest of the files as layers, “puppy2. gif »,« puppy3.gif »and« puppy.gif ».

6. Choose the Save option from the File menu and note that it recognizes the image as an animated GIF.  The animated GIF is already created. Now it is only necessary that you check its operation. To do this, use the Play option in the Filters menu, Animation sub-menu; you can also open it as a browser, like the Internet Explorer You can check the number of frames of an animated GIF looking at its properties.

7. Save the image and select in the following box dialog, which is effectively an animated GIF?

8. We can select the delay between each one of the frames. Adjust the delay to 100 ms and dial the corresponding box to make that delay.


7. Create three images with GIMP or with Inkscape of a sad face, a smiling face and a face without expression, and then create an animated GIF with them.

8. Create an animated GIF with a slow delay and having landscape images or of your holidays as a presentation.

9. Create an animated GIF with pictures of the faces of your classmates with a delay very fast.

10. Create an animated GIF that represents a heart that beats.

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