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How to design and edit images with Inkscape 2019

See how to design and edit of images with Inkscape 2019 from this article. To design and edit images, we will use Inkscape tools and GIMP, which we will see below. When working with layers is very useful to block them so that objects already created cannot be seen affected by the work we do in another layer.

You can also play with hide the layer; this allows to work with certain objects hiding the rest, so that when let’s finish the design we can visualize all the work again on the whole.

How to design and edit images with Inkscape 2019

A. Inkscape

This vector image editing tool is very popular, easy to use and provides a lot of utilities and effects already created to add quality to our designs. We can observe its main tools.


Options that allow us to treat the designed objects, from cut them, scale them and rotate them until they are aligned and ordered.


Utilities for the management of layers, is complemented with the table Layers dialog, which appears when you press the corresponding menu option.


It is understood by way the set of points that make up an object. Its decomposition can result to transformations very interesting.


It allows choosing different forms to visualize the design.


Options to copy, paste, select, duplicate and clone, the latter is from the utilities more interesting.


Options for managing the archive; Highlight the options: New, which has diversity of initial templates, Export, Import and Print.

Object bar

We can draw rectangles, circles, spirals, stars, polygons and boxes in 3D, enter text and manipulate the inserted forms.

Existing layers

It allows us to change layers, as well as block them and make them invisible.

Fill and stroke

They show the current colors; if you press on them a dialog box appears for its modification.

Color palette

It allows us to select color quickly.

Open Inkscape and show the Help menu. Watch that has a section called Tutorials.

To have our Inkscape tool, we must perform the following actions:

  1. • Open the page www.inkscape.org from a browser with Internet access
  2. • Select the latest version from the Download option.
  3. • Select the type of file depending on the operating system: Linux, Windows or Mac.
  4. • Download the corresponding file.
  5. • Execute the installation, it is simple and in a few minutes you can have your Inkscape.


It allows us to insert text and give it different formats and effects.

Filters and extensions

They are used to give complete effects to our designs in a simple way. The extensions are added plugging, programmed by the community of free software, since Inkscape is open source.


Most common buttons for work faster

Options bar tools

Allows you to adjust the parameters of the operation or object that we are using specific form.

Settings bar

To choose in what way we want you to adjust two objects when we move.

Dialog boxes

In this case it shows us the color adjustments.

Status bar

It shows relative messages to the operation we are doing.

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