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How to edit images with MS Office Picture Manager

You can see how to edit images with MS Office Picture Manager 2019 from here. You can edit any size of images with Microsoft picture manager 2019 latest version software. Microsoft picture manager is a very beautiful picture edit tool in the world. I like it very much and I use it.

Direct access

Open a directory tree to facilitate the search of images.


Allows the tool to adjust all parameters of the image for optimal viewing


Show a menu and allows performing custom settings in the features from image.

1. Tools of Edition for modify colors, contrast, brightness and orientation. It includes the removal of eyes red

2. Change the size of the image and compress file.

Vista Buttons

Choose to see the unique image, a strip lower with the rest from the archives of current directory (as shown in the figure), or a thumbnail of the content of the binder. Strip with the images of the current directory.

Compress images

It allows adapting the file size for its insertion documents, pages web or messages.

How to edit images with MS Office Picture Manager

1. Select the image «students.jpg» and press the button secondary to select the option Open with. Choose to open with Microsoft Office.

2. Look at the work screen of the tool and press the AutoCorrect button.

3. Cut out the image of the boy who appears in the center holding the mobile phone; to do this, select Trim from the Edit menu and adjust the frame to its head.

4. Eliminate red eyes, as this is a very common effect in photographic portraits with flash. Most of the photo retouching applications what solve in a simple way, in this case you just have to select this option and mark the area of the eyes that you want to correct.


5. Finally, the saturation of the image decreases, click on the Color option in the menu of Editing and low saturation level until it appears in black and white.

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