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Internet explorer 11 for windows 7 download

Internet Explorer 11 for windows 7 download free that is completely integrated with the Windows operating system.  Allows browsing the network and accessing a space FTP. It allows restricting access to web pages with violent content or erotic.

Internet explorer 11 for windows 7 download

It has a high integration with Outlook Express, to manage the email, and with other Microsoft applications, such as Office. It has important security holes that, periodically, Microsoft It is detecting and solving by downloading updates. Even so, it is known for its low security.

For what do you use it?

Internet Explorer is the default browser in the IES Joan Coro mines. It is used for didactic purposes, for information searches by internet for online manuals. To highlight the website www.edu365.com, of which I will talk more ahead, where are many educative online applications and that they are frequently used in the institute, via Internet Explorer.

Owner: Microsoft
Version: 11.0, 6.0
Platform: Windows
Description: Web browser
Website: www.eu.microsoft.com/
Language: English


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