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JGenerator download

JGenerator download is an application that allows you to combine text, graphics and sound dynamically to build Flash content. It is an alternative in free software not to Macromedia Flash, but to Macromedia Generator. JGenerator download free from our one click download link.

JGenerator download

JGenerator download offers the benefits of Macromedia Generator, uses the same set of commands and its behavior. It supports all features of Flash movies (up to version 5) like the action script, shared libraries, etc. Generates files noticeably smaller than Macromedia Generator and has a shorter execution time.

Does it fit the needs?

Being the Flash format owned by the company Macromedia, no there is no program that is equivalent to Macromedia Flash, and create animations in the same format, either open source or owner. However, there is this JGenerator, which is an alternative to Macromedia Generator, and that allows you to edit certain content of the movies Flashy optimize combinations of text, sound, and images. JGenerator features, like those from Macromedia Generator, do not they adapt to the pedagogical intentions of the subjects of Programming or computing, so it is not a useful application for the institute.

System requirement

Version: -Platform: Linux
Description: Flash animation
Website: www.flashgap.com
language: English

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