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Microsoft publisher free download 2019

Microsoft publisher free download 2019 is a program that allows you to easily prepare jobs such as brochures, cards, signs, information sheets, and almanacs, among others. Microsoft Publisher gives you the option to use ready-made models, which are easily edited, or to prepare the work by starting with a blank sheet. Free download Microsoft publisher 2019 from our download link.

Microsoft publisher free download 2019

Microsoft Publisher (formerly Microsoft Office Publisher) is the desktop publishing application or DTP (by Desktop Publishing in English) of Microsoft Corporation. It is often considered as a beginner or “entry level” program, which differs from the Word processor in that it is emphasized in the design and layout of the pages, rather than in the process and correction of texts.


To learn how to use the Microsoft publisher free download for self-publishing of corporate, institutional and commercial publications. Understand the importance of personalized message presentation. Generate creativity in new forms of graphic communication. Learn to develop graphic material without waiting times or dependency on other units.


Our methodology consists of an interactive process between the facilitator and the participants. We have defined it as: “Learning by doing – by learning”. We are known for being a highly practical training institution, where the facilitator opens the section of the course by making the description and then the theories that will be discussed with the participants in the practices and, in turn. The practices will generate new theoretical responses. In this process, the facilitator will guide the dynamics so that the participants can constructively learn their knowledge.


This course is available to the person who is willing to assume the commitment of the training regardless of age or gender. Students, young people, professionals, businessmen, technicians, etc.

1. The student must meet a minimum of 75% attendance to be entitled to the final evaluation. For those cases in which the student has less than 75% attendance, he / she loses the right to the evaluation to pass the course.

2. The minimum grade for passing the course is 70 points within the scale from 1 to 100; provided that it meets 75% attendance.


Module I – General Concepts Module Objectives: With this course, students will learn how to correctly handle Microsoft Publisher assistants and know the different elements of a publication, as well as create professional-looking publications as well as create, design and publish professional material.

1 – What is MS-Publisher?

2 – How to start Microsoft Publisher?

3 – Elements of the MS-Publisher window

4 – Description of the Elements of the MS-Publisher window.

5 – Task Panel.

Module II – Use the Publisher Assistant

Objective of the Module: In this unit we will learn the graphic composition that allows to design and implement effective and very attractive publications.

1 – Start an Assistant.

2 – Customize the work.

3 – Quick Publication options.

4 – Publication Design.

5 – Color combination.

6 – Font combination.

Module III – Customize Your Publication. Objective of the Module: Design a publication, customize it according to your needs, know the properties of the text box, and object bar, AutoShapes and save it as a template.

1 – How to write in MS-Publisher?

2 – Properties of the Text Box.

3 – AutoShapes and Drawings.

4 – Description of the elements of the Object Bar:

5 – Available Effects.

Module IV – Work with Tables. Objectives of the Module: They will be able to insert a table, the number of columns and rows, change the AutoShape of the table doing it from the Insert tab.

1 – The Table.

2 – Create a Table.

3 – Height and Width of the cells of a Table.

4 – Table AutoFormat:

5 – Steps to change the AutoFormat of your Table:

6 – Delete or add rows and / or columns.

Module V – Print.

Objectives of the Module: After some simple configurations, we are ready to print without worries, for example, what paper I will choose, or what printer I will use.

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