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Microsoft student Encarta premium 2017

Microsoft Student Encarta premium 2017 free download and install on your Windows operating system. With more than 40,000 entries, Microsoft Encarta is an encyclopedia stored on a CD Rom with a capacity superior to traditional paper encyclopedias.

Microsoft student Encarta premium 2017

It is one of the most valued virtual encyclopedias, due to its interface al Estilo graphic from Microsoft (intuitive and very attractive) and for its good content. In addition to the mixed reviews, Encarta has more than 10,000 images and illustrations to accompany your inputs as well as sounds and videos.

Microsoft Encarta premium is highly linked to the internet, being able to be updated by the network. It consists of a large number of web pages and radio stations by Internet.

For what do you use it?

Microsoft Encarta is used in cases where it is more convenient to search data or information in the computer that goes to one of the encyclopedias traditional library. It is available to teachers and students, and the latter find it use the time to complete school work. Because of the amount of information that it contains and its aesthetic way of presenting it, accompanied a multitude of occasions for images and sounds.

System requirement

Owner: Microsoft
Version: 1
Platform: Windows
Description: Encyclopedia
Website: encarta.msn.es
Language: English
Equivalent in SL: Wikipedia, Free Encyclopedia


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