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Mozilla Firefox download and install process

Firefox is one of the free applications that can be used to surf the Internet. You can find Mozilla Firefox download and install process from here. Surely the reader uses the Internet Explorer, which is the most known and used browser, but not the best.

Mozilla Firefox download and install process

Based on Mozilla, the Firefox project was born, at the end of 2002, oriented to non-technical users. It was going through different names (Phoenix, Firebird) to take the current denomination. It should be noted that it is an ‘Open Source’ project, what assumes that any developer can modify the code to improve it. This little manual will teach you how to install and use Firefox on a computer with a Windows operating system.

Why should I use Firefox?

There are many reasons to use Firefox as a browser: it’s faster, safer and easier to use (with your browsing through tabs, for example); at the same time that it has window blocking emergent (pop-ups), has an integrated search bar and protects your privacy

Finally it is constantly updated and it is very easy to expand with the possibility of installing small programs, or ‘extensions’, that add new features such as: reminders save addresses, sites or complete search sessions, report meteorological, etc.

How do I download it to my computer?

To Mozilla Firefox download and install process on a computer with operating system Windows (there are also versions for Mac OS operating systems, Unix, Linux, etc.), you have to open the browser, which has been used So far, write http://www.mozilla.org/products/firefox and click the ‘enter’ key, in the address bar, to access the page from which the program can be downloaded. Or Download from below download link.

On the page that we have opened, there is a section that says ‘Windows free download’. We click and a window will open asking if we want to save the file on our hard drive.

Then a new window appears where we can choose which location will have this file. It is best to put it on the desk. It is easier to find when installing it.


Once the file has been downloaded to our computer, we give it double click to run the installation wizard. After the appearance from a small window that says ‘Extracting …’ which is not we must listen, another opens up with the welcome to the process of installation.

In it, click on the ‘next’ button to proceed.

The screen that goes next is to declare that you agree with the terms of the license.

Activate the option ‘I accept the terms of the license agreement’, clicking on the circle that appears to the left of the sentence and press the ‘next’ button.

In the next window, we choose the type of ‘standard’ installation by clicking the corresponding circle and pressing the next button.

The installation is ready. Now we have to press again the Next button.

Then, the assistant shows us a screen with the components that will be installed. To continue, press the next button.

Then the installation begins. The assistant is informing of the steps you are taking.

We must wait for the window with the message to appear

‘Complete installation’ indicating that the installation process has finished.

If the box is activated, existing to the left of the phrase

‘Run Mozilla Firefox 1.0. Now ‘, when the button is pressed

‘Finish’ opens Mozilla Firefox to start browsing.

Otherwise (it can be deactivated by clicking inside the box), we’ll go to the Windows desktop and double-click on the new icon of Mozilla Firefox (that kind of zorrito that hugs to the terrestrial globe).

The upper box, to the left of the phrase “Use the homepage of Firefox as my page “, is to activate the option that, every once the browser opens, the main page of Firefox appears. Naturally, that home page can be changed later and at any time.

Start using Mozilla Firefox

To start using Mozilla Firefox click on the icon located on the desktop (Figure 1) or select the option from the Main Menu “Internet” and then “Mozilla Firefox Browser”…

Themes and Extensions for Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox can be adjusted to your preference, so you have developed several tools that allow you to modify the appearance of your browser and the utilities that it can offer. On this CD you can download themes and extensions for improve your navigation on the internet.

Install several extensions in Firefox with just one click

Most users do not know how they can install several One-time extensions in Firefox. The way to do it is dragging the xpi file on the window of the browser and this extension will be installed.

The same thing happens if we drag a whole set of extensions on the window of the extensions manager, each and every one will be installed of them without further iteration required by the user to press Only once on accept. This means, that we do not have more than save the xpi of our preferred extensions on the hard drive, instead of installing them from the web, and it will suffice to drag them over the extensions manager to install them all at the same time.

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