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The Main Function of The Browser

A browser or web the browser is software that allows access to the Internet, interpreting the information of files and websites for that they can be read. The main function of browser is to allow the visualization of text documents, possibly with embedded multimedia resources.

The Main Function of the Browser

In addition, it allows you to visit web pages and do activities in it. We can link one site with another, print, send and receive mail, among others more functionalities. The main function of the browser documents that are displayed in a browser can be located in the computer where the user is. But they can also be in any another device that is connected to the user’s computer or through of the Internet. It has the necessary resources for the transmission of documents.

The main function of the browser has hyperlinks that link a piece of text or an image to another document, usually related to the text or the image.

The tracking of links from one page to another, located in any computer connected to the Internet. It is called navigation, from which the browser name (applied to both the program and the person who he uses it, which is also called a cybercast). On the other hand, the browser is a literal translation of the original in English, browser, although its use is the minority.


The first browser developed at CERN in the late 1990s and early 1991 by Tim Berners-Lee.  The main function of the browser was quite sophisticated and graphics, but only it worked on NeXT stations. The Mosaic browser, which initially worked in UNIX environments on X11, was the first to be extended. Because this browser soon NCSA prepared versions for Windows and Macintosh.

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However, a little later it entered the market NavScape Navigator that quickly exceeded Mosaic’s capabilities and speed. This browser had the advantage of working in almost all UNIX, as well as in environments Windows.

Internet Explorer (formerly Spyglass Mosaic) was the late bet from Microsoft to enter the market and managed to oust the Netscape Navigator among Windows users. Due to browser integration with the operating system, reaching about 95% of the share of the market. Netscape Communications Corporation released the source code of its browser, thus the Mozilla project was born.

Finally, Mozilla Firefox was rewritten from scratch after deciding to develop and use as a base a new set of multiplatform based widgets in XML called XUL. This made it take a lot longer to appear than initially planned, with a high-quality version 1.0. Appearing and many platforms at the same time on June 5, 2002.

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On January 7, 2003, Apple launches the Safari web browser. East Browser is made with almost the entire market of the Mac microcomputers, due to its speed and a large number of updates likewise. It also enters the operating system market Windows. At the end of 2004, it appears in the market Firefox. A branch of development of Mozilla that aims to take part in the Internet Explorer market.

It’s about a browser lighter than its big brother. On September 2, 2008, Google Chrome saw the light. It is the web browser developed by Google and compiled based on code components open. As the rendering engine of Weskit and its development structure of applications (Framework). It is available free of charge under conditions of specific services. The name of the browser is derived from the term used to the framework of the graphical user interface (“chrome”). In December 2011, Chrome overtook Internet Explorer 8.0 as the most widely used browser world.

Operation of browsers

Communication between the web server and the browser is done through HTTP protocol. Although most browsers support others protocols such as FTP, Gopher, and HTTPS (an encrypted version of HTTP based in Secure Socket Layer or Secure Connection Layer (SSL)).

The main function of the browser is to download HTML documents and show them on screen. Currently, they not only download this type of documents but they show with the document their images, sounds and even streaming videos in different formats and protocols. Further, allow to store information on the disk or create bookmarks of the most visited pages.

Some of the most popular web browsers are included in what is called a Suite. These Suites have several integrated programs to read Usenet news and email through the NNTP, IMAP, and POP protocols.

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The first web browsers only supported a very simple version of HTML. The rapid development of proprietary web browsers led to the development of non-standard HTML dialects and problems of interoperability on the web. The most modern (like Google Chrome, Amaya, Mozilla, Netscape, Opera and Internet Explorer 9.0) support the HTML and XHTML standards (starting with HTML 4.01, which should visualize in the same way in all of them).

The web standards are a set of recommendations given by the World Wide Web Consortium W3C) and other international organizations about how to create and interpret web-based documents. Your goal is to create a website that works better for everyone, with sites accessible to more people and that work on any Internet access device.

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