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Totally free malwarebytes anti malware download

Totally free Malwarebytes Antimalware download is an excellent free utility that searches, detects and it eliminates all types of malware. It is designed with the most sophisticated techniques antimalware that allow you to detect and eliminate the most common malicious programs and dangerous that even the best known antivirus are not able to detect.

Totally free Malwarebytes anti malware download

We can download the latest version of the program from its website (there is a version free and another payment). It is available for different operating systems (Windows, MacOS X, Android …) and can be Totally free Malwarebytes anti malware download from our website download link.

Once we have the program, we will install it. Just follow the assistant step by step installation. When the installation finishes, we will execute the program and the main window will open.

We have the option of doing different types of analysis (general or customized). Pressing the Start Analysis button will start the analysis and see everything.  Once finished, it shows us the results of analysis.

In the event that malicious elements have been found, the number of malicious elements detected. We can see the detail, by clicking on each one of the results.

In this detail window, we can individually mark each one of the malicious elements detected. Once marked, pressing the “Quarantine” button selected “the program will proceed to the cleaning and move to quarantine the selected malicious elements.

Sometimes, depending on the type of malware and how rebellious it is, the tool will indicate that for the effective and correct disinfection of the equipment. We must restart the system so that the missing files can be deleted disinfect.

NOTE: The different reports of Malwarebytes Antimalware we will also be able to find in detail by selecting the Reports option.

Notes to keep in mind

As indicated, the program offers a free version that does not offer all the functionalities of the commercial version, but even so, the basic functions of analysis and disinfection yes they are available. Some of the functions not available in the free version are:

· Resident real-time protection module (only allows 14-day test days).

· Anti-exploit protection (only allows a 14-day trial).

· Anti-ransom ware protection (only allows a 14-day trial).

· Protection against malicious websites (only allows a 14-day trial).

To be effective, totally free malwarebytes anti malware download needs to be updated. The updates occur very frequently and the program itself reminds us when do we have to do an update? However, when performing an analysis the first step that you make is the program is the updating of the databases, so that we should not worry.


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